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Call for Presentations

Call for Presentations!

Are you a commercial real estate professional with an interesting and informative idea?

BOMA/GLA invites you to submit an application for our Call for Presentations. This is an opportunity for you to share your insights and expertise to address the many challenges buildings owners and managers are faced with in today’s changing world of commercial real estate.


Submissions are evaluated by BOMA/GLA’s Education Committee. Once your presentation is selected, we will contact you to schedule the program.

Information Required to Submit a Proposal

The online submission form will ask you for the following information:

Member Type, Program Type, Education Topics, Presentation Title, Three Learning Objectives (Bullet Points), Presentation Description (max. 70 characters), Presenter Contact Information

Fields marked with an * are required.

Please verify that you have checked the “I'm not a robot” checkbox.

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(max 70 characters*) A well-written description clearly identifies the purpose and intent of the presentation. It also peaks the interest of the reader and encourages them to attend the session. To be effective the description should be short and to the point: preview the content and the learner outcomes:clarify the relevancy of the topic and highlight the benefits of attending the session.

Learning objectives show the measurable outcomes of the session. Learning objectives are best expressed through active verbs such as: learn, discover, establish, assess, identify, examine, construct, etc. Tip: when developing you learning objectives, complete the following sentence: “after this session, attendees will know…, or will know how to.., or can confidently discuss…”What will attendees learn that can be applied today. Why they need to know it and what they will be able to do with this information.

you will need to provide the following information for EACH SPEAKER

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